Another US war of aggression on the way?

Another war of aggression may be on the horizon if Americans don’t counter the lies coming out of the Trump administration.

This week Iran tested a ballistic missile. In response to this and an attack on a Saudi frigate possibly carried out by Iranian backed Houthis rebel, the US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said that he was “officially putting Iran on notice”.[1] Then White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer added fuel to the fire by initially stating that Iran had attacked a US naval ship. Fortunately, he was partially corrected by a journalist who said that the ship was Saudi. But it’s these sorts of statements that incite more fear among Americans, especially if they are not corrected, and can lead to war.

So has Iran violated UN Resolution 2231? The simple answer is no. The resolution calls for Iran, not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology” but it does not prohibit Iran from testing ballistic missiles.[2] Furthermore, the missile Iran tested was a medium-range missile, which could carry nuclear weapons, but most commonly carries conventional weapons.[3]

Additionally, according to a recent press release from the UN, there is no evidence to show that Iran has been violating the resolution with regard to nuclear-related items. “Mr. Feltman said the Secretary-General had not received any report — nor was he aware of — any open source information regarding the supply, sale or transfer to Iran of nuclear-related items undertaken contrary to the resolution.  Nor had he received information regarding Iranian ballistic missile activities or ballistic-missile-related transfers to Iran taken contrary to the resolution. [And] the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) had submitted two quarterly reports on verification and monitoring activities between 16 July 2016 and 15 January 2017.  In both, the Agency affirmed that Iran had not pursued construction of its Arak heavy water research reactor on the basis of its original design.  Nor had it conducted any uranium enrichment at the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant.”[4]

The US has wanted war with Iran for many years now, especially since the fall of the Soviet Union.[5] Personally, I believe this goes back to the bitter feelings the US has held towards Iran after the hostage crisis and the Iranian revolution of 1979, which overthrew the US backed dictator, the Shah. The Shah was originally put in charge of the country after the CIA (along with British MI6) successfully overthrew the democratically elected leader, Mosaddegh, who wanted to nationalise the oil industry, which was under British control. It is quite clear, if you read your history and look at what the US policy has been towards the Middle East that it’s all about the control of oil.

Until the West is willing to move to renewable energy, we will continue to have on-going wars in the region, destabilisation, terrorism in the West and more refugees than the world wants to handle. But this will mean standing up to the military-industrial complex that makes its money from all of this destruction and chaos.






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